Recover Deleted Files XP NTFS with Simple to Use Software

Hard Drive Data Recovery software is the best software application available to you to recover deleted files XP NTFS. There are various grounds that results in hard drive failure and but whatever be the reason associated behind corruption of hard drive, the software is smart and capable enough to deal with every scenario of corruption and helps you to recover all the NTFS or FAT data back.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery tool is also available in the shareware version, wherein,user can see the preview of the recovered data while evaluating the recovery process also.You cannot Save the recovered data as this option is disabled in the demo version.

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Common Reasons for Hard Drive Failure that arise the Need to Recover Deleted Files XP NTFS

  • Mechanical Failure: As a result of wear and tear, mechanical damage happens to a hard drive. Motors, read-write head which are the internal constituents of a hard drive gets broken down. Some of the symptoms of mechanical hard drive failure are:
  • The hard drive becomes quiet due to motor freeze
  • When the disk gets powered up, you can hear a musical sound
  • Grinding or clicking sound
  • Electrical Failure: If PCB, which is responsible for controlling and coordinating the data between computer and hard drive, gets damaged due to power surges or accidental shut down of system, you can lose all you database. Some warning signs of such failures are:
  • As the motor fails to spin, the disk starts knocking
  • Even if the drive is powered, there are no signs of its functionality
  • Chattering sound of heads can be heard
  • Firmware Failure: Firmware is software programs that are used for disk testing and maintains proper functioning of a hard drive. Communication between PC and hard drive is impossible without a firmware code which is located on the platters or PCB board. If the platter area where the firmware ode is located gets damaged, the hard drive stops functioning. Some prior indications of firmware failure are:
  • Even if the hard drive powers up, the computer cannot recognize it.
  • While booting up, the drive freezes.
  • Bad Area of Platters: If there are any bad sectors in the platters of the hard dive, you lose access over database. Depending upon the severity of damage, recovery of hard drive is required.Some of the signs of damaged platters are:
  • CRC errors
  • You cannot see or access some of the folders.
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